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How do I upload a new csv file prospect list that is not mixed up with existing leads already uploaded?

Very good question!

There is no limit to how many specific list your can create and separate each list view. 

The best way is to upload a CSV with a unique value in a column called CustomField1. For example you are uploading a list with a specific criteria, you can create a column called CustomField1 and fill every cell in that column with a unique value ("example MyXYZClient"). Now while uploading map the CustomField1 column with CustomField1 in the system and do the remaining mapping. 

Once the data is uploaded. Your agent can create a custom list with CustomField1=MYXYZCOMPANY and see the contacts associated with the unique list. 

Likewise, you can upload many lists and view them separately. 

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What should be the format of phone numbers when I upload contacts to correctly work on the dashboard and the app?

Great Question! 

Now a days Skype Click-to-Call on works if a proper e.164 format number is present. So when you are uploading your csv, kindly ensure to have e.164 format for your phone numbers. 

E.164 is the international telephone numbering plan that ensures each device on the PSTN has globally unique number. This is what allows phone calls and text messages can be correctly routed to individual phones in different countries. E.164 numbers are formatted [+] [country code] [subscriber number including area code] and can have a maximum of fifteen digits.

Examples of E.164 Numbers

E.164 Format

Country Code


Subscriber Number













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How do I setup SMS Autoresponder with my bulk sms campaign in MySalesDialerPro?
We have found out an excellent way for you to run your SMS campaign with SMS autoresponder using MySalesDialePro and ClickSend!!
Whether you send personalized sms one by one after prospecting or send personalized or regular bulk sms using mysalesdialerpro or fieldworkmobiity app at no extra cost other than your carrier sms charges which is usually unlimited, you can have people respond to that sms which can be captured by your autoresponder. 
Here is what you need to do and its free!!
1) Create free account
and login
3) Go to MySalesDialerPro and start sending your personalized message for different campaign with your campaign offer and asking prospect to respond to your promotional code, which your autoresponder will process. 


Hope this helps in boosting your sales!!!
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How to download MySalesDialerPro from Alternate Sources
Looks like Google Play has some changes in their policies and as result many CRM and Dialer apps have been impacted. While we are working with Google team to get us back on Google Play. You can download MySalesDialerPro apk or any of our other Apks from any of the alternate sources by typing "Download MySalesDialerPro apk".


We have published one of the alternate sources on our products page:

If you are new to install app from alternate sources, kindly follow the steps to enable your phone:


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