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I keep getting Salesforce Login Page when I open the mJobForce App

We are aware of this issue. This happens whenever you click on Salesforce icon on the mJobForce App and are not able to successfully login to Salesforce a/c. The app gets stuck at Salesforce login page. The obvious workaround is to successfully login to your Salesforce a/c and in case if you do not have Salesforce a/c, you can go ahead and create one and login. The other workaround is to power off and power on your smart phone, once you power on again and open mJobForce, you should see the home screen. In order to avoid this issue the recommendation is to have salesforce uid/pw.

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I am not able to import CSV file properly, what should I do?

This is a very common issue. First of all one has to understand that CSV is a comma separated value, which means the fields are separated by comma. In order to make sure that your CSV file is well formed, one need to make sure there are no commas inside the field. In case if you intend to have comma inside the field, it is a good idea to enclose the field within double quotes. Secondly, make sure you have only those fields that you intend to import, it is a good idea to clean and remove unwanted fields. Also it is important to have name fields (first name, last name) in your CSV else the imported record would be orphan and would not be associated with any name. The orphan records are also not visible on your app.

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The search button is missing in my phone. How do I search for contacts?

Some of the newer android phones do not have search buttons, however the search functionality has been always been there. In order to perform search on your contacts. Do following: 1) Go to All Contacts 2) Press and hold menu button for search to come up

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When I manually add contact, it does not show up in the list?

When you try to manually add contact you need to make sure you are doing minimal input with non blank first name, last name and at least one phone number. Since the app dialer need to have phone number the system does not allow any contact to appear in display without a phone number. Kindly try adding the contact always with at least one phone number.

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How do I use Google Voice for making Calls using FieldWorkMobility?

You can setup Google voice number as a default dialer in the Android version of the app and make all your calls with it.


Steps to setup Google voice as a default dialer:

    Install Google voice on your device

     Sign in to the Google voice account

     Select -> Use Google Voice to make all calls.

     (Screenshot below)              



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How will I get the agents work report on the dashboard from the app?

The agent has to first login from the app by going to syn. Once username, verification code (received via SMS) is added the agent can log in to the and try syncing the data. Whenever agent syncs the data from his/her app, the manager from the dashboard can view the report by going to the View agent report.

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How can I get the agents location details at any point of time?

Have agent click the Locate Me on the app and report his/her current location. Once he/she has done the reporting through the app, the manager can view the location on the dashboard from View Agent Report section.


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What are different ways to get contact data in the app?

The following are the ways one can get the contact data in the phone:


  1. Add Contact : Manually adding the contact (First name, last name and mobile number are required).
  2. Sync with Address Book: Import contacts from the Phone Address Book
  3. Import Contacts (CSV): Import contacts in a CSV format from the downloaded file saved in the phone SD Card (for android), (iOS) download the CSV file and import it directly from the email attachment.
  4. sync: Create an account on the website and Register the agent mobile no, then import the CSV file to the registered agent account and Sync it from the app. Automatically all the contacts will get imported to the app.
  5. sync: Using a Salesforce account agent can import the contacts in the app.

(Note: While importing CSV file make sure it has First name, Last name and one of the contact numbers in it.)

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Can I do Personalized bulk SMS using this app?

Yes you can! Go to any list and click menu button. Click SMS everyone in the list, then choose a template and click send. Before sending Bulk SMS make sure you have created a template.

To create a template click Message Template, manage SMS templates, Create new SMS template and type in the message you want to send.

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Can I do bulk email using the app?

Yes you can! Go to any list and click menu button. Click Email everyone in the list and then choose a template and click send. Before sending Bulk Email make sure you have created a template.

To create a template click Message Template, manage Email templates, Create new Email template and type in the message you want to send.

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How do I pay for MySalesDialerPro?

You can make a payment directly from the website through Paypal account. Once you create an account on the website ( and register your mobile number you will get a free trial for 7 days.  After the trial ends login to your account on the website and click  View Agent Report. Click subscribe and make a payment using Paypal account.

If you haven't installed and setup the app, below is the link to the video:

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How do I find my verification code

Generally you receive verification code as an sms. Kindly check your sms messages. Please contact our support, if you are finding difficulty in getting SMS, we will troubleshoot. 

Also since our product work universally, when you register your phone you need to give + and country code (e.g. +1 for US, +44 for UK followed by your phone number). 

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I have properly setup my account. It syncs with the website. What it is not doing is exporting to my address book successfully.

Thanks for your question. This is a security feature. Any lead that you have downloaded from the website can only be uploaded and updated back to the website. The leads downloaded from your dashboard assigned to you by your company are not alllowed to downloaded to personal address book. 

In case if you want to export to your address import the leads locally on your app and then you can sync with your phone address book. 


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what heppan my phon cnot downlord all app now

Kindly check your your net connection on your phone. Are you able to go to the AppStore and are able to locate the our app. If yes, kindly check if you have sufficient space on your phone. 

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I uploaded my list on the dashboard, but not able to call using Skype?

Kindly note that Skype does not insert country code by default for any click to call actions. So in order for skype to work, your phone number should be in international format such +1 for US, +44 for UK, +91 for India (e.g your Mobile phone and office phone should look like +<country-code><phone-number> for instance for US +15107139900, for India +919730703935). 

Kindly ensure that your CSV file when you are uploading leads to the dashboard has above mentioned format for phone numbers, if you would like to make call using skype from the dashboard. 

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I am a single user, why do get Manager and Agent Account?

Our system is setup in such a way that there can be multiple agents within a manager account and each agent can work on their app, while manager can manage all the agents. In your case you have manager account to manage all agents whether they are one (yourself) or many. 

Have an agent account separate helps a single member organization to grow and add more agents in future. 

In Summary for a single subscription you get:

1 Manager account on the web, 1 Agent account on the web and Android and iOS App

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How do I upload a new csv file prospect list that is not mixed up with existing leads already uploaded?

Very good question!

There is no limit to how many specific list your can create and separate each list view. 

The best way is to upload a CSV with a unique value in a column called CustomField1. For example you are uploading a list with a specific criteria, you can create a column called CustomField1 and fill every cell in that column with a unique value ("example MyXYZClient"). Now while uploading map the CustomField1 column with CustomField1 in the system and do the remaining mapping. 

Once the data is uploaded. Your agent can create a custom list with CustomField1=MYXYZCOMPANY and see the contacts associated with the unique list. 

Likewise, you can upload many lists and view them separately. 

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What should be the format of phone numbers when I upload contacts to correctly work on the dashboard and the app?

Great Question! 

Now a days Skype Click-to-Call on works if a proper e.164 format number is present. So when you are uploading your csv, kindly ensure to have e.164 format for your phone numbers. 

E.164 is the international telephone numbering plan that ensures each device on the PSTN has globally unique number. This is what allows phone calls and text messages can be correctly routed to individual phones in different countries. E.164 numbers are formatted [+] [country code] [subscriber number including area code] and can have a maximum of fifteen digits.

Examples of E.164 Numbers

E.164 Format

Country Code


Subscriber Number













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